13 European Treasures

Posted by Bartosz Wasilewski on 17.03.2015 in Activities | 0 comments

It is transnational dimension of the idea behind the Polish Palaces on Spring. According to legends, Merlin – the King Arthur’s mythical wizard after the death of the ruler breaks his sword Excalibur into 13 parts, called 13 Treasures of Britain.

13 parts of the Excalibur are the symbol of today’s Europe which is broken into parts that only after joining into one part can make the whole of Excalibur- may create an image of a united, strong Europe. Europe based on values ​​which symbolized Excalibur- goodness, integrity, brotherhood, and above all, love. 13 Treasures of Britain hidden in the recesses of the underground water world, transported in 13 locations in Europe. In such places fortifications were built – 13 Treasures of Europe. In one of these places, a defensive fortification was set up much earlier, but it was decided that this was where one of the parts of the Excalibur would be safe.

Searching for all 13 Treasure is in progress. 13 great places will be lit by Excalibur (Sword of Light), creating a beautiful image of a strong Europe with different faces, various achievements in the fields of culture, art, science, that we will develop and promote together. According to the legend, Excalibur will be born out of pure child’s love, therefore the idea in will in particular support young artistic and sport talents, through international exchanges, joint major cultural and sports events involving children and young people.

For enthusiasts of the mythical tales of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table many surprises, surprising histories, the magical events shall wait. Anything can happen.
Can we solve the mystery of Excalibur? We’ll find out soon ………….

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