Mr. Bear Academy

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Mr. Bear Academy


Lecturers of Mr. Bear Academy:

Antoine Borsuqes (Polish pronunciation Antua Borsik) – polyglot, philanthropist, ambassador of good taste, culinary connoisseur, a lover of classical music, comes from an aristocratic family with many children, he met with Mr. Bear while he was studying at Oxford University and the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.

Hieronim Sowa – professor of science, music lover, he calls himself a serious gentleman with a hint of craziness – mixed, not shaken, he met Mr. Bear at a scientific conference in Tehran.

Mr. Bear – rector of the Academy of Mr. Bear, teacher, lecturer, educator of young generations, humanist with tendencies of analytical thinking and synthetic lapidary conclusions, a lover of life and the surrounding beauty in any form, sport instructor – personal trainer, promotes an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Mrs. Professor – professor of humanities, political scientist, researcher of history of ancient and less ancient times, a poet, author of children books, promotes dance as an important link in the cultural development of societies, promotes healthy lifestyles and good manners.

Mr. Kangaroo – globetrotter, geographer, naturalist, explorer, animator of environmental activities, social worker.

Mr. Reks – a famous Polish actor in tales, after the film adventure began educational and pedagogic activities, loves criminal puzzles and mysterious stories straight from the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes adventures, however he is closer not to the famous detective but his assistant Watson.

The dimension of the ideas is especially directed to children. Mr. Bear will try to bring the idea of the Polish Palaces on the Spring to the youngest ones. He will share with them, together with his friends, a lot of valuable information from different fields of science, culture, history, and above all, as every teddy bear, much warmth and absolute devotion.

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The caretaker of Mr. Bear Academy:

Klaudia Rogowicz – versatile young artist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, fascinated by everything possible (except for integrals and equations :) ) is closer to the off rather than the mainstream, has released a book of poetry, “Białe Miasto” (“The White City”) and a collection of dramas “Białe Miasto” (“The White City”) as well as numerous e-books, her works have been translated into Latvian and Slovenian.


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