Paulinum Palace

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Paulinum Palace


Paulinum Palace – Well-preserved historical monument

The history of this place dates back to the 1870s, when a wealthy industrialist Richard von Kramst decided to build a new residence situated on Góra Krzyżowa Mountain in the south of Hirschberg (Jelenia Góra).

The building’s design was commissioned to a Dresden architect, Kurt Spate and the construction itself to local craftsmen.

The impressive mansion maintained entirely in the dominant style in those days of German magnate architecture was the result of construction work completed in 1872. It was crowned with fabulous, renaissance and medieval ornamentation.

The splendor was added to that impressive Palace in1906, when a new owner, commercial counselor Oskar Carlo, commissioned its extension and modernization to Karl Grosser, one of the most famous Wrocław architects.

Thanks to its unique character, perfection in every detail Paulinum Palace is not inferior to other Grosser’s works such as the Wrocław Hotel Monopol or known polish health resort “Dom Zdrojowy” in Świeradów.

Paulinum Palace of today is an exclusive hotel complex, which owes its uniqueness to those who put a lot of energy and heart in its revitalization. Each of the rooms and historical apartments not only retains its former splendor but also improves its unique style as a result of deep renovation of the Palace interiors.

The most representative Gdańsk Room, Emerald Room serving as a restaurant or glorious hothouse – these are just some of the interiors to which the Paulinum hosts invite their guests. Every room has been designed to retain the atmosphere of the 19th century property in every detail.

Paulinum Palace
ul. Nowowiejska 62
58-500 Jelenia Góra

tel. +48 75 649 44 00
tel. kom. 530-457-557

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