Palace in Gorzanów

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Palace in Gorzanów

(Lower Silesia Province)

The Palace is located in the center of a very large village, extending along the river Nysa Klodzka, called Gorzanów. Historical Line: near the place where once stood a medieval castle. The then owners of this part of the village established about 1573 a large stone castle with an inner courtyard, probably in the Renaissance style. The new owner, H. F. von Herberstein made in the years 1653-1657 a thorough reconstruction of the palace into a baroque castle. In this project participated Italian architects under the direction of an Italian structural contractor Carl Lurago. Here worked such plasterers: D.Rossi and A. Galli, such sculptors as: Serena C., and B. Spinetti and other Italian artists. More fame was brought into the Herberstein mansion by a palace theater (courtly), founded by Count Hieronymus von Herberstein in the early nineteenth century. It worked constantly for 8 months (from September to May), giving 3 performances a week. The repertoire of the theater was extremely rich and obliging as it included the plays of Shakespeare, Goethe, Schiller, musical plays and dramas and sometimes even small opera. Sources in Gorzanów have been used for various purposes for ages, particularly in consumer purposes.

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