Palace in Podwilcze

Posted by Bartosz Wasilewski on 19.03.2015 in Objects | Comments3

Palace in Podwilcze

(Wes Pomerania Province)

historical background: The history of the construction of the palace probably dates back to the second half of the fourteenth century, when the village Podwilcze was mentioned for the first time as the ancestral seating of the von Podewils. In 1890, Max von Hewald purchased the town and started construction and modernization works of the palace and built new farm buildings at a nearby farm. The date of completion of the neo-Gothic reconstruction of the palace is probably the year of 1895. Bogs prevail in this area. Near the Palace operated distillery. Water was drawn from deep wells.

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  1. Przykro patrzeć jak z roku na rok pałac niszczeje. Beznadziejne to nasze polskie prawo o ochronie zabytków:(

  2. Hallo,

    Sagen Sie, die Innenaufnahmen: sind die aus dem Podewils-Palais? Und wann sind sie entstanden?

    • Hallo, Ja, Podewils-Palais- Podwilcze, stand 02.05.2015 , zurzeit- bleibt unverändert, Polskie Palace na Zrodle

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