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Poland is a country rich in mineral resources and a major world producer of mineral raw materials. This is according to the report of scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences, AGH University of Science and Technology, the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Economics in Krakow, under the direction of prime ministers and ministers of economy, professor Jerzy Hausner and Dr Janusz Steinhoff. Last hot topic was the potentially localized deposits of shale gas. But really the most valuable treasure, faced with the effects of global warming, becomes water. The biggest problem identified in the report is the lack of efficient use of valuable resources in Poland.

POLISH PALACES ON THE SPRING – rationality and complementarity of activities

Constantly growing industry and thus environmental pollution, including the pollution of superficial waters – rivers, lakes – leads to the need for rationalization of the use of groundwater, which bring out to the surface in the form of water springs. Rationality of the use of them is, on the one hand, their adequate protection against harmful external factors through a secure mining, but also through various forms of destination – for consumption purposes including processing (brewers, distillers, water bottling plants), economic-irrigation, alternative energy source, recreational and visual (forms of expression using water- fountains, water walls, movable structures set in motion by water, specific water theatres).


The beauty of the nature surrounding the Polish Palaces on Spring, rich flora and fauna encourages active time spending by hiking, Nordic walking, cardio forms of outdoor activities. The number of cycling routes is growing, which promotes the development of this form of tourism.

Natural care of beauty, body and spirit is a beauty care treatment using mineral nutrition of our springs and relaxation activities.

Rich flora and fauna also promotes organic food production:

Local products under the brand of POLISH PALACES ON SPRING:

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